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Signal Measurement

Specialist sensors for measuring heat flux, refractive index, temperature, pressure and strain


Pressure icon

Fibre Optic pressure sensors

Refractive Index

Refractive Index Icon

Fibre Optic refractive index sensors

Heat Flux

Heat Flux Icon

For radiative, convective and conducted heat flux


Strain icon

Fibre Optic based strain sensors


Temperature icon

Fibre Optic temperature sensors

Siretta Ltd are located in Reading, United Kingdom. We are a leading distributor of specialist sensor products as well as being a  manufacturer and developer of IoT products, IoT software and IoT solutions. Our speciality is providing these for Industrial markets and business to business applications.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of the applications and use of our sensor products. These have been used in applications as diverse as rocket engines and drug manufacturing.

As a manufacturer, our portfolio includes cellular modems & terminals, routers, cellular network analysers, RF antennas including solutions for WLAN, LoRa and Sigfox. We offer RF cable assemblies and RF accessories. Frequencies are typically within the 75MHz – 5.8GHz range covering the HF, VHF, ISM, Cellular, GNSS frequencies.

You can read more about our cellular products on on the Siretta Ltd website at