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About SirettaSpecialist sensor supplier and manufacturer of IoT solutions

Siretta Ltd is based in Reading, United Kingdom. This is not far from London Heathrow Airport which is only 30 miles away from our offices by road. As a well established company, Sirettas roots go back over 30 years.

Siretta the specialist sensor distributor

As a distributor, Siretta has focussed on being Europe’s leading supplier of specialist sensors. Research and development, scientific and industrial applications typically use these sensors. Applications as diverse as space rockets to the measurement of heat energy produced by pigs use our heat flux sensors

We supply heat flux sensors from Vatell that measure convective, conducted and radiative heat flux. The diverse range of heat flux sensors have ranges from as low as 0 – 5 W/cm² and operating temperatures without water cooling of up to 800 Celsius. Some of these have very fast response times, as fast as 17 µS.

The fibre optic sensors from Fiso measure temperature, pressure, strain and refractive index. Fibre optic technology allows the use of these sensors in applications where electrical isolation is required, or in large electromagnetic fields.

Siretta the cellular products manufacturer

As a manufacturer, Siretta aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of IoT products, IoT software and IoT solutions. Our specialty being in providing these for Industrial markets and business to business applications.

We have extensive knowledge and experience within IoT with a focus on cellular technologies using 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), NB-IoT and LTE Category M wireless technologies.
Siretta has supplied products globally for over a decade in support of many blue-chip organisations. With an unrivalled level of regional and local technical expertise, our applications knowledge ensures we exceed customer expectations in support of varied applications and deployments.

Our portfolio includes cellular modems & terminals, routers, cellular network analysers, RF antennas including solutions for WLAN, LoRa and Sigfox. We offer RF cable assemblies and other RF accessories. Operating frequencies are typically within the 75MHz – 5.8GHz range, which covers the HF, VHF, ISM, Cellular, GNSS frequencies.

Technical expertise

Siretta also offers custom solutions and design services. These are provided by an experienced team of dedicated development & application engineers as well as software specialists. They offer complete end to end solutions with a heavy emphasis on high level system design.

Sensor franchises held by Siretta

Vatell Heat Flux Sensors

Vatell corporate logo

Fiso temperature, humidity, strain and refractive index sensors

Fiso Technologies Inc company logo