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Vatell AMP15Fixed gain voltage amplifier


  • Fixed gain amplifier
  • Directly connects to Vatell TG1000, TG2000, TGH-2000 and TG9000 heat flux sensors
  • Output can directly connect to voltage datalogger
  • May be powered by external battery or AC wall plug adapter

The AMP-15A is a high quality fixed gain amplifier in a die cast metal box. The gain is fixed at manufacture to that specified at the time of order. It is only possible to subsequently change the gain by returning the product to the factory. The amplifier is designed to connect to the output of a Vatell thermogage heat flux sensor such as the TG1000, TG2000, TGH-2000 or TG9000.

The input and output to the amplifier is through a 4 pole socket for which a mating connector and cable is supplied with the connections labelled.

The amplifier is calibrated at manufacture and supplied with a calibration certificate that confirms the exact gain of the amplifier. If ordered at the same time as a heat flux sensor that is to be used with the amplifier, the pair will be calibrated as a system.

It is possible for the user to adjust the offset of the amplfier if required by using a small flat bladed screwdriver to access a potentiometer on the side of the amplifier.


Gain Range: 99 – 1000 (factory set to customers requirement)

Bandwidth: 333Hz

Input Impedance: 950K Ohm

Maximum Output Voltage: ±2V

Temperature Stability: 80µV/°C

Dimensions: 32mm x 38mm x 102mm

Weight: 150g